Tuesday, 30 October 2012

October - "Victorian Sweetie Bags"

What a lovely day we had on Saturday at the Sweetie Bag workshop day, the sun was shining and the atmosphere was brimming with enthusiasm and anticipation.   Everyone had their  machines  and  sewing equipment out, we looked very industrious.
Pauline showed us stage by stage how to create the pretty bags with very comprehensive instructions and notes during the day ( which are handy for those of us who are very sociable and like to sit and talk when we should be sewing!!)
We tried various pieces of lace against the fabric we had stitched, and then tea- dyed the chosen lace, this was so enjoyable  - who doesn't like having a fabulous choice of fabric to pick and choose from? 
 The bags are a fantastic project to enjoy the therapy of stitching, by machine and by hand, something that we all enjoy doing and invariably don't have enough time for.  

We discovered a few things:  Pauline sews on the machine without her shoes on!
                                             Tea makes your hands yellow!
                                             Hairdryers are meant for drying fabric!
                                             Talking does not produce a finished project!
                                             Chocolate biscuits don't go with heirloom sewing techniques!
But most importantly of all, we  created the start of a lovely Sweetie Bag, thanks to a super workshop, fabulous instruction by Pauline and her generosity with the lace, thread and beads etc., 
As always at the Guild days, we learnt such a lot on Saturday, there were hints and tips throughought the session.  I hope that everyone finishes their bag so that we can put them all on show at the next exhibition and many thanks again to everyone who came and to Pauline for a super day!  
Ann Warren.