Wednesday, 14 November 2012

American Smocking Workshop with Monica Selway:

It was a blustery start to the day with the weather throwing everything that it could at us! However, once we got into the hall, the warm welcomes that people were exchanging more than made up for it.

In fact it takes me so long to get organised, looking at the workshop board and the things that members have made, and catching up on the latest news,  it's amazing that I ever get started on the workshop.....Is there anyone else like this? 

We began the day with Monica showing us some beautiful examples of her work, mainly inspired by architecture and nature.  Inspiration can truly be found everywhere if you look hard enough.

I can remember thinking 'How am I going to smock like that''!  But the mystery was explained by Monica and then the fun started!    

We managed to attempt  the techniques of 'Honeycomb' and 'Basket Weave', 'Wave' and 'Lattice' and a lovely 'Flower pattern'......  

Although I have got to say, smocking takes practice and patience, and sewing ' upwards' is a new one on me, it is however, undoubtedly a therapeutic thing to do.  

The room was full of people smiling and having a thoroughly good time. 

 There were intermittent peals of laughter coming from the smaller room and the atmosphere was super.  

By the end of the workshop, most of us had kind of decided which style of smocking might suit us the best, depending upon how patient a stitcher you are!   For me, it was the 'freestyle' Flower pattern that won me over - I wonder why? 

A great big 'thank - you' goes to Monica for helping us to achieve quite a lot in a day, and I am sure that I say on behalf of all the members that did the workshop, it was good to try something different and interesting.

This is the essence of our workshops. It just takes a day doing something new to be really filled with enthusiasm to do more.

Just one last thing - what were they laughing about in the side room??!

Ann x    

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